Cosmetic surgery – FAQ’s


Why have cosmetic/ plastic surgery?

As individual ages the signs of ageing such as development of wrinkles, folds, lines, eyelid folds, drooping of eyebrows, skin sagging on face and neck, drooping cheeks.

Cosmetic surgery helps in delaying ageing changes and improves your futures.

If you plan to undergo cosmetic surgery/ plastic surgery your expectation should be realistic. One should choose cosmetic surgery only for cosmetic concerns to improve their looks, self confidence and esteem.



1. How do I book a consultation for cosmetic, plastic surgery?

You may E-mail/ call and can book your consultation in advance. No consultation would be done without prior appointment.

2. Who will perform my cosmetic, plastic surgery?

Dr.Kishore Babu Pentyala performs all the cosmetic surgeries at New You Cosmetic Clinic personally unlike other clinics the entire procedure from your initial consultation, pre-operative care, surgery and post-operative care would be personally carried out by Dr.Pentyala.

3. I am a non resident of India, how do I book my surgery?

You may reach us by E-mail or phone one of our staff would assist you.

4. Do I need any hospitalization after my cosmetic, plastic surgery?

No, most of the cosmetic, plastic surgery at our New you cosmetic clinic are performed as a day care procedures and one could drive their home after their surgery.

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