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Smile Lift Surgery in Bangalore (India)

"A Warm Smile is the Universal Language of Kindness"


What is Smile Lift Surgery ?

Smile surgery is also called as smile Lift surgery / smile enhancement surgery is a cosmetic surgerical procedure performed by cosmetic surgeon to correct one’s sagging mouth corners. Smile Lift surgery is on raise in the recent times and many individuals both males and females are opting for cosmetic smile lift surgery to ehnance their smile. Any individual irrespective of their age who are not confident about their smile can opt for smile lift cosmetic surgery. We The New You Cosmetic Surgery Clinic a day care cosmetic clinic perform smile enhancement surgery/smile lift surgery only under local anaesthesia(Pain free Technique) as a day care cosmetic surgery without any hospital stay.

What is the Duration for a Cosmetic Smile Lift Surgery ?

Duration of a cosmetic smile lift surgery is only 1 Hour of your time and is peformed as a lunch time/office time procedure, one could return back their work immediatley after their cosmetic surgery.

Who can undergo a Cosmetic Smile Lift Sugery ?

Any individual between the age group of 20-70 who desires to ehnance their smile. People with sagging/drooping corners of mouth. Individuals who wants to carry a confident and good smile can undergo cosmetic smile lift surgery.

Corner Mouth Lift Surgery :

As individuals age upper lip tends to fall down due to underlying upper jaw resorption.This can even happen in some young individuals.As result of this upper teeth is not seen when you smile.Smile lift surgery is ideal solution in these people.If upper lip lift surgery is performed in these individuals,The mid portion of the upper lip is only lifted.So in many individuals corner mouth lift is performed .Corner mouth lift raises the corner of mouth and gives an individual the cupid bow appearance of their lips.These features makes older people look young and youthful. Corner mouth lift is performed under local anesthetic by removing a triangular wedge of tissue from the corner of mouth and placing suture.

1.What is lip lift surgery?

Lip lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that lifts the position of the upper lip to give more youthful smile. Upper lift surgery is performed under local anesthesia by making a small incision just below the nose and removing a small strip of skin and placing a suture. The entire procedure takes 60 minutes.

2. Who are suitable for upper lip lift surgery ?

A> Individuals of any age group both male and female between 20 to 80 years who are not happy with their upper lip      position with respect to their nose.
B> Patients who have thin and flat upper lifts
C> People with big space between their upper lift and nose
D> Individuals who feel their teeth does not show when they smile.

3. Upper lip lifts results :

As we age the fat and facial tissues undergo Atropy, as the skin falls down (upper lift) the ideal upper lift is full and youthful. As the process of ageing or sometimes in any individuals the upper lip fat and soft tissues undergo Atropy and lip tends to fall down. Upper lip lift surgery not only helps in giving you younger looking lips but also helps in giving you confident smile. Upper lip lift surgery is safe without any complications and any hospital stay.

4. What is the cost of upper lip lift surgery in India ?

The cost of upper lip lift surgery is relatively cheaper in India compare to other countries like USA, U.K, Dubai and Singapore. In India the cost ranges from 600 to 100 USD, where as the cost in other countries is between 2000 to 3000 USD.


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