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Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

Rhinoplasty is performed on the nose to alter the size, shape, contour and overall apperance of nose. It is also termed as nasal area surgery treatment, is a surgical treatment process designed to enhance the overall look of the nasal area and sometimes the operate as well. The objective of nose job is to enhance the nasal area so that it better suits the individual’s ideal. This may include decreasing or improving the overall size of the nasal area, decreasing the period of the nose, eliminating of a problem, modifying the form of the link or the tip, or modifying the position between the higher lip and the nasal area.

Rhinoplasty is performed by a cosmetic surgeon to reshape and restore the aesthetic balance of the nose. In India thisis the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure after eye lid surgery / blepharoplasty. Many people are unhappy with their shape, size and over all appearance of their nose. Cosmetic Nose Reshaping is the ideal procedure in these individuals to achieve a beautiful looking nose. Rhinoplasty can be done in combination with other facial cosmetic procedures like blepahoplasty(eye lid surgery), facelift and genioplasty(Lower Jaw surgery) to achieve a balanced facial features.

Who Can Opt For Rhinoplasty ?

1. Individuals who are not happy with the size and shape of their nose
2. Individuals with depressed nose.
3. People with deviated nose.
4. Individuals with hump nose.
5. Individuals with bulbous(fat nose).
6. Big nostrils.
7. Small Nose
8. Big Nose
9. Revision rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Results :

The results varies from person to person.The results depends largely on the experience of rhinoplasty surgeon. The results are permanent and lasts longer for both men and women. It will be done alone or combination with Genioplasty(Lower jaw surgery), blephoplasty (Eye lid surgery), Face Lift surgery to achieve desirable cosmetic results.

It also depends upon the facial cosmetic clinic you choose,depends majorly on the the facial cosmetic surgeon’s experience the reason why we are stressing on experiences cosmetic surgeon is because according to medical stats most number of surgeries are repeated hence its also termed as Revision Rhinoplasty.

Our Experience and work of Rhinoplasty in India can be well appreciated in our before and after pictures. We would be happy to show many more Surgeries has been done in india before and after images of our patients during our consultation. Due to the privacy we could place very few pictures here.

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