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Neck Lift Surgery in India

What is Neck lift Surgery ?

Neck lift Surgery is also called as cosmetic neck surgery/plastic neck surgery / lower face lift. It is also call as Cervicoplasty / platysmoplasty. To define neck lift surgery it’s a cosmetic surgery performed by an plastic surgeon where he corrects the sagging skin around the neck by removing the excess skin, altering the neck muscles and sometimes removing the fat around the neck by liposuction and tightening the neck skin to give neck definition and natural looks.

Who are suitable for Neck lift surgery?

1. People With Sagging Neck skin can choose a neck lift procedure.
2. Individual’s with double chin can opt for surgery of neck.
3. Individual’s who desire to get natural jaw line and neck contour(Shape) can go for an cosmetic surgery of neck.
4. Individuals between the age group of 25-65 can opt for surgery of neck/neck lift.

Neck Lift Surgery Results

The results of neck lift are very pleasing and natural which will last for 9-10 years. Neck lift surgery is done in combination with face lifts to get desirable results. The results of neck surgery / neck lift leaves you with young, rejuvenated and fresh looks.

Neck Lift Cost in India

Cost of neck lift depends on the type of neck lift procedure and cosmetic neck lift surgeon. The cost of neck lift procedure is relatively high in other countries compared to India. The cost of neck surgery ranges from 1500 to 2000 USD in India and 3500 to 5000 USD in western countries. Neck lift surgery when performed under local anaesthesia as a day care cosmetic surgery is relatively cheaper.

We The New You Clinic is an Exclusive Day care Cosmetic Clinic our cosmetic surgeons performs most of our facial cosmetic surgeries using local anaesthesia and patient doesn’t require to stay in the hospital, patient can go home on the same day, however you can expect neck lift price to be around 1200-1400$ USD.


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