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Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in India

We all know medical Tourism in India especially Cosmetic Surgery is one of the most booming trends where by people all across the globe visit India for their medical treatments to be frank for their cosmetic looks, many people and many medical tourism websites or portal promotes corporate hospitals for emergency heart surgery, General health check up, Orthopedic Surgery, Eye care and so on…..

To be practical Enough people who come from USA, UK and Other European countries don’t come to India for emergency heart care or Orthopedic surgery we all know 80 -90 % of US citizens are covered by Health Insurance many Health Insurance providers like Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE are the major health insurer in USA, 80 % of their population depends upon these health insurers, it’s the same in UK as well. People who come to India for medical tourism in India will primarily come for Cosmetic surgery and Dental Care that is because there health insurer will not cover cosmetic surgeries or dental and it’s said that cosmetic surgeries are way too expensive in their place hence they to countries like India and Thailand

Bangalore Medical Tourism/ Medical Tourism in India.

Bangalore as capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore is also known as “silicon valley of India”, “Garden city of India”, IT hub of India” and Bangalore is one of the world’s most expensive places in world as per Forbes it stands 180th rank in worlds most expensive places in world, this says Bangalore is Multi cultured ,people of all races ,castes and creed live here this mostly because of its climate attraction, hospitality nature and so on.

In Past Few Years say a decade ago many foreigners especially people from west come to Bangalore for medical tourism, according to industry and survey reports tell medical tourism in India is expected to grow to 2 to 3 Billion Dollar Industry in 2013 especially cosmetics surgery/Plastic surgery in India has attracted most foreigners because it’s way too expensive in their country and their health insurer will not cover their plastic surgery costs . surgery A cosmetic procedure or a Facial cosmetic procedure is 1/3rd the price in India compared to western countries like US,UK, and other European counties. Since India being a most populated country its very good source for Best human resource India as contributed the best software engineers in world right from a product company like Microsoft to small out source firm, not only in software industry best doctors, Scientists in NASA, are Indians.

Why Choose Medical Tourism In India ?

1. Cost being a factor
2. Time being a factor
3. Quality/class of treatments
4. Personalized care
5. Infrastructure and technology

1. Cost Being a Factor :

Cost of Cosmetic surgery in Bangalore India is 1/4th to 1/5th the cost compared to US, UK, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, Singapore,Thailand, UAE and European Countries.

2. Time Being a Factor :

Overseas Cosmetic surgery seeker can get an quick appointment and can undergo their cosmetic surgery with short span of time, no needs to wait for long period to get a appointment date from an cosmetic surgeon. Appointment system and waiting period is long in other western countries compared to Bangalore India, one can also plan up their holiday.

3. Personalized Care :

We at Our New You Clinic Apart from delivering best Cosmetic Surgery procedure, Our Cosmetic surgeons carries a vast experience and are trained in world renowned cosmetic clinics and cosmetic surgeons .We provide personalized Before and After Surgical Care for our cosmetic surgery clients.

4. Infrastructure and Technology :

World Class Infrastructure and technology is driving many people globally towards India for their medical needs .In the Past Decade India has become one of the power house in Cosmetic surgery Industry. Bangalore being 5th biggest city of India and leading corporate hospitals equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure and best cosmetic surgery clinics are located in Bangalore that makes many people choose Bangalore the destination for cosmetic medical tourism.

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