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Lunch Time Rhinoplasty

Nose Job is a minimal invasive cosmetic surgery procedure performed on individuals both male and female of any age group who desires to get their Nose Reshaping. In our clinic Rhinoplasty done within an hour as a lunch time surgery with no big dressing and wants to return to their work immediately after their surgery. Rhinoplasty is done as a day care procedure and under local anesthesia only without any hospital stay.

What can you expect from Rhinoplasty ?

Rhinoplasty helps in correcting your nose hump (Humpectorry) Bulbous tip and hanging tip (Tip Rhinoplasty) and wide/ big nostrils (Ala reduction Rhinoplasty) all under local anesthesia within an hour as a day procedure without any hospitalization/ big nose dressing with minimal down time/ recovery.

Nose reshaping may also help to reduce some difficulty in respiration. Men and women who are actually healthy, genuine in their objectives and enthusiastic about helping the overall look and operate of the nasal area may be good applicants for nose job. In most situations, it’s best to delay nose job until the nasal area has completed its development. Development of the nasal area tends to be completed by about age 14 for ladies and a bit later for young children.

The demand for Rhinoplasty is on a rise globally among both young and older individuals in the recent times. We are happy to say that in Bangalore we have been performing and delivering excellent results.

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