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Lunch Time Facelift Surgery in Bangalore

Lunch time facelift also called as office facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed on individuals of age between 30 – 80 years who desires to correct facial imperfections such as sagging face, drooping cheeks, facial folds, crow’s feet (wrinkles adjacent to eye brows etc). In Bangalore Lunch time facelift is performed under local anesthesia as a lunch time procedure and you can go back to work immediately after your surgery. Entire procedure takes 2 hours with no big dressing. The Promising part of lunch time face lift/ office facelift is negligible down time after your procedure.

Who can opt for Lunch time facelift ?

Individuals both male and females with sagging face, drooping cheeks, crow’s feet and facial folds/ wrinkles Working class people who wants to return to their work immediately after their procedure.

Advantage of Lunch time / office facelift :

1. Minimal down time
2. Minimal scars
3. Quick recovery/ return to work after their procedure.

What can you expect from Lunch time / office time facelift ?

Lunch time facelift helps in correcting facial sagging droopy cheeks, facial folds and wrinkles and would give you fresh, youthful and rejuvenated looks. We are one of the few clinics in lunch time facelift surgery in Bangalore, India specialize and successfully practicing Lunch time/ office time facelift surgery since 5 years in Bangalore, India with optimal results.

Lunch time Facelift Case Study :

Here is a young individual in his 30’s with sagging facial skin opted for facelift surgery at our New you cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore. He mentioned that he doesn’t want an invasive facelift surgery as it requires general anesthesia and want two day hospitalization. We decided and performed lunch time facelift with local anesthesia and his procedure took 1 hour. A small incision was placed in front of his ear skin crease and his skin was lifted, smas layer tightened, excess skin removed. He was sent home immediately after procedure without any major dressing on his face. On his follow up after 1 week we asked him how he felt about the entire procedure and results. He stated he was very happy to undergo facelift as it was minimal invasive without any hospital stay.We strongly recommend lunch time facelift/ office time face lift on young individuals due to its minimal invasive nature and negligible complications.

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