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Hair Transplantation in Bangalore

Hair Transplant is an effective procedure to eliminate baldness/hair loss among the patients who suffer from this problem. Hair Transplant has various types of techniques and procedures to give the aesthetic appearance of the face. New You Cosmetic Clinic evaluates the medical history of the patient to know the exact cause of the hair loss. After analyzing the patient’s medical examination by experienced consultants, right Hair Transplant Surgery is performed.

  • FUT
  • FUE
  • Combo
  • Eye Brow (Both Men & Women) Hair Transplant
  • Beard Hair Transplant
  • Mustache Hair Transplant

Baldness equally affect men & women of any age. The main causes for Baldness are Hormonal, thyroid, multi vitamins & minerals deficiencies, genetic, accidents, stress etc. Baldness results in older looking face and have an impact on self confidence, social moving. Hair transplant is the only permanent solution to grow natural hairs in individuals with baldness. Hair transplant plays a very important role in restoring aesthetic balance in the individuals.

In Bangalore hair transplant surgery conducts different procedures for men and women who suffer hair loss due to several reasons. A step-by-step procedure for preparing the donor area for graft implantation is done carefully by expert surgeons. Our clinic has a proven record of transforming the people looks by restoring the lost hairs. Hair transplant techniques involve advanced procedures like FUE, FUT and a combination of both FUE and FUT ( Combo) which gives the best results to yield natural beautiful looking hairs.

Case Study :

Mr. Velu 30 year old hair loss patient From Bangalore with advanced stage of hair loss (class 5) who was using hair wig for few years was fed up and doesn’t want to use it any more had consulted us for hair transplant surgery.

He was Initially under the impression that undergoing hair transplant in one session would give him full hairs on his head. In general person with advance hair loss/baldness requires multiple sessions of hair transplant. This Patient was agreed to undergo super mega session hair transplant surgery. 4000 hair grafts were placed in 1st super mega session for his frontal and anterior miscalp areas.

He was satisfied with results and decided to undergo one more session of hair transplant after 7 months, 3000 hair grafts were placed at his crown and posterior midscalp areas.He was reviewed after one year. He came to our clinic for his follow up and he expressed his happiness and very much satisfied about the surgery.

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