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Hair Restoration in Bangalore

Hair loss/ baldness in women not only affect the overall looks of an individual but do have a severe psychological bearing and impact on social moving as well. Like men, women also suffer from hair loss / baldness, but the pattern of hair loss in women is diffuse unlike men. The main reason for hair loss / baldness in women is Thyroid problem, PCOD’s Hormonal, Stress, Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, Anemia etc. with the recent advance in hair restoration/ hair transplantation there is absolutely no reason to get worried due to hair loss/ baldness. Many women in the recent times are preferring to undergo hair transplant/ hair restoration in bangalore, india and curing their hair loss/ baldness problems.

Which women are good to undergo for Hair Transplant ?

  • Women with hair loss due to tractional alopecia.
  • Woman with hairline recess on.
  • Women who have suffered hair loss due to Accidents, burns, scars etc can opt for hair transplant/ hair restoration surgery.

FUT Hair Transplant / Hair Restoration by FUT Method :

FUT hair transplant also called as follicular hair transplant is performed by harvesting a strip of skin containing hair follicles & later dissecting the harvested skin strip into individual hair follicles/ grafts and implanting into your bald area. Your donor area from which strip is taken will receive sutures, which would be removed after 10 days.

Who are suitable for FUT Hair Transplant ?

  • Individuals with wide area of baldness
  • Individuals who require multiple session and cost effective hair transplant can opt for FUT hair transplant/ hair restoration/ FUT hair grafting.

FUE Hair Transplant / Hair Restoration by FUE :

FUE hair transplant also called as Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant/ hair restoration is one of the methods of hair transplant by which individuals hair follicles/ grafts are extracted/ harvested either by manual FUE devices or rotary FUE devices and implanted into your hair loss/ bald area. FUE hair transplants are stitch less, scar less, minimal invasive hair transplant method with minimal down time/ recovery after your procedure.

Who can choose for FUE Hair Transplant ?

  • Individuals who doesn’t want any stitch or scar at donor area
  • Both men & women with hairline recession, temple recession and vertex restoration Side burns hair restoration.
  • FUE hair transplant technique is very ideal for eyebrow transplant, mustache & beard hair restoration.

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