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Ear Surgery in Bangalore

1) What is Cosmetic Ear Surgery ?

Cosmetic Ear surgery is called as Otoplasty in medical terminology its also called as Ear pinning, ear shaping where cosmetic ear surgeon would correct one’s defected ear. BAT EAR CORRECTION: Bat ear correction os a cosmetic surgery as ear performed to correct prominent ears.

2) How is Cosmetic Ear Surgery performed ?

Cosmetic Ear Surgery is performed under Local anesthesis where the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision on the outer surface of ear and removes some skin and cartilage if required and corrects the prominent ears.

3) Who can undergo Otoplasty/Ear Surgery ?

A) People with Bart Ears.
B) Person with prominent ears.
C) Any Individuals of age group above 7 years with Big Ears.
D) People who desire to reshape their ears for Cosmetic or Aesthetic appearance.

4) How much time does it take to perform Otoplasty /cosmetic Ear Surgery ?

Otoplasty /Cosmetic ear surgery procedure takes 1-2 hours of Time.

5) Does it requires hospital stay after otoplasy/cosmetic ear surgery ?

NO There is no hospital stay is required, One can go back to their home immediately after their ear surgery.

6) Are there any side effects after Otoplasty/cosmetic ear surgery ?

Side effects are very minimal, but one can expect some discomfort and very rare incidence some infection.

7) What is the cost of cosmetic ear surgery in India ?

Cosmetic Ear surgery is cheaper in India when compared to western countries.

8) Is the cosmetic Ear Surgery/Otoplasty results natural ?

YES Cosmetic Ear Surgery/Otoplasty are natural and lasts longer Prominent/Bat Ear Is Psychologically disturbing for many individual, Otoplasty /Cosmetic Ear Surgery is the best solution for these people.

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