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Dimple Creation Surgery in Bangalore

Dimple Creation Surgery also called as Dimple Plasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure which helps in creating dimples. Dimples can be created on cheeks and chin. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia on inside of the mouth with no external scars. Dimple creation surgery is safe, natural and takes 30 minutes for each dimple. Dimple makes individual to look cute. Dimples can be created on both men and women of any age.

Dimple creation surgery procedure :

Dimple creation surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed under local anesthesia by making a small incision in the inner side of the cheek and removing a small part of mucosa, sub mucosa and cheek muscle. This is performed with the help of punch instrument by making small circular motions in the inner aspect of the cheek. Absorbable sutures are placed through the muscle and inner layer of the skin thus creating a cheek dimple.

Who are suitable for Dimple creation surgery ?

Individuals who desire to get cheek dimples for a cute looking face.

Dimple creation surgery cost in Bangalore, India ?

Dimple creation surgery in Bangalore is cost effective and affordable; it ranges b/w 800 to 1000 USD which is relatively cheaper compared to USA, UK, and Dubai etc.

Dimple creation surgery results ?

The results of Dimple creation surgery are natural, initially individual can see dimples on their cheeks even without smiling, and gradually one can appreciate cheek dimples one to two months after dimple creation surgery. If you desire to get one, please e-mail or call us.

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