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Cosmetic surgery on chin/ Genioplasty/ Chin enhancement

Chin is a very important structure of the face that gives individuals prominent futures next only to nose and eyelids. Cosmetic surgery of the chin also called as Genioplasty is performed on an individuals with too small or too large chin compare to their face. There are two type of Genioplasty, Reduction Genioplasty and Advancement Genioplasty.

Reduction Genioplasty helps in reducing the chin by few millimeters and advancement Genioplasty helps in advancing the chin by few millimeters.

cosmetic surgery on jaw is performed alone or some time done along with Nose job/ Rhinoplasty to give individual desirable results.cosmetic surgery on jaw is performed from inside of lip with no external scars. Entire procedure takes 2 hours and you can go back to home same day and resume your normal activities.

Cometic surgery on Jaw / Genioplasty procedure :

Genioplasty procedure is performed under mild sedation as a day care procedure by making incision on the inside of mouth and performing osteotomy(bone cuts) over the chin bone. Once the bone cuts are done the lower portion of the chin bone would be movabl, It can be pulled forward or moved backward based on the correction required. Chin bone can be moved up to 6 millimeters forwards or can be set back 6 millimeters backward. Once the chin bone is manipulated absorbable sutures are placed on the inside of the mouth, Which doesn’t require any removal.

Cosmetic Surgery on chin cost in Bangalore, India ?

The cost of chin cosmetic surgery or genioplasty is between 1000 to 1400 USD Bangalore, India and is affordable when compared 2500 to 3000 USD in rest of the countries.

Cosmetic surgery on Jaw / Genioplasty results ?

Genioplasty results can be seen immediately after the surgery,But results can be well noticed after 2 to 3 weeks once the swelling subsides. Genioplasty results are natural and no visible scars or marks can be seen on the face.

Who are suitable for cosmetic surgery on chin ?

Individuals both male and female of any age with retruded chin

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