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Cheek Reduction Surgery in India

What is Cosmetic surgery of cheek ?

Many People are not happy with mid face shape and desire to get corrected by cosmetic surgery to achieve facial balance and improve overall appearance of face.Cosmetic surgery of the cheek is performed by making a small incision inside of the mouth and removing excess fat for chubby cheek reduction, placing cheek implants for cheek atrophy and lifting the drooping cheeks by cheek lift cosmetic surgery.

Who are suitable for cosmetic surgery of cheek ?

    • People with chubby cheeks.
    • People with drooping cheeks.
    • Individuals with improminant cheeks.
    • Men and women between age group of 20-65 can opt for cosmetic surgery of cheek.
    • People with Realistic Expectations.

Cosmetic Cheek Surgery Results :

As People age there is loss of facial fat that is cheek fat and cheeks tend to fold and droop. Even young individuals due to many factors experience this. Many individual has the tendency of developing chubby cheeks which can be due to hereditary, developmental(weight gain). All these factors makes the individual look aged .Cosmetic surgery of cheeks like chubby cheek reduction, cheek augmentation and cheek lifting results are natural and pleasing, gives a individual good facial shape and profile and also leaves with young, vibrant and rejuvenated .

To achieve the best results many individuals undergo cosmetic surgery of cheek in combination with face lifts and eye lid lift surgery .

Results of Brow lifts /Fore head results are would entirely depend upon the facial cosmetic surgeon, facial cosmetic clinic what you choose to opt for, Brow lift / fore head surgery results will give you youthful and rejuvenated appearance .

Case Studies:

Sumira aged 28 yrs from Bangalore was not happy with her chubby cheeks. She felt she had bulky cheeks compare to her face and wanted to get cheek reduction surgery. We scheduled her cheek reduction surgery/ buccal fat removal in the month of October 2013. Entire procedure was done from inside of her mouth under local anesthesia without any sedation. Equal amount of buccal fat pad was removed from both right and left cheeks. Patients was given a mirror and asked to look at her cheeks. She was very happy to state that she could immediately see results. Resorble sutures were placed, she was advised to use antibiotic, Analgesic and mouth washes for 1 week.

Temporal brow lift surgery cost is relatively cheaper compared to coronal brow lift surgery the reason being temporal brow lift surgery is done under local an aesthesia where coronal brow lift is done under general anaesthesia.

Types of Cosmetic Cheek Lift Surgery :

1. Chubby Cheek Reduction / Cheek Reduction :

Chubby cheek reduction /Cheek reduction is performed from inside of the mouth by making a small cut on your cheek (Inner side) and removing the excess cheek fat on both the sides of cheek.

2. Cheek Augmentation :

Cheek augmentation requires placements of cheek implant or individuals own fat taken from other parts of the body to plump up the cheeks.

3. Cheek Lift :

Cheek Lift surgery is performed by making a incision above the ears (behind the hair line) and lifting the drooping cheeks.

What you can expect from cosemetic surgery cheek lift ?

1. Cosmetic cheek surgery makes you look younger
2. Gives an individual facial shape and excellent face profile.


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