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Canthoplasty Surgery in Bangalore


Canthoplasty also called as canthopexy is a cosmetic procedure performed by facial plastic/ oculoplastic surgeon to correct the lower eyelids problems such as drooping lower eyelid.

1. Who can undergo Canthoplasty ?

  • Individuals with lower eyelid sagging/ drooping
  • Post eyelid surgery drooping.
  • Aged patients with eyelid sagging
  • People who want to increase the horizontal eyelid length and make their eyes look wider and younger.
  • Candidates who feel their eye lids/ eye looks too tired/ aged appearance
  • People wrinkles at outer corner of eye lids.

2.How is cantholasty performed ?

Canthoplasty doesn’t require any general anesthesia and is done under local anesthesia by making a very small incision on the outer corner of eye lids and tightening the eye lid tendon.

Brow Lift Cost in India :

General Brow lift cost ranges from 4000-5000 $USD in US ,UK,Dubai and other European countries. Brow lift surgery in India would cost you between 1200-1600 $USD.

Temporal brow lift surgery cost is relatively cheaper compared to coronal brow lift surgery the reason being temporal brow lift surgery is done under local an aesthesia where coronal brow lift is done under general anaesthesia.

3. Is canthoplasty safe procedure ?

Yes canthoplasty is safe and doesn’t have any major problems post surgery. However mild pain, bruising and swelling would be present for 4 to 5 days.

4. What is the cost of canthoplasty in India ?

The cost of canthoplasty in India is between 30000 to 40000 rupees which is cheaper compare to elsewhere.

5. What is the duration of canthoplasty ?

Canthoplasty is performed within 1 hour and you will be discharged immedietly after your surgery.

Post canthoplasty instructions :

  • Do not wear contact lenses for 3 to 4 days
  • Do not wear make up for 3 to 5 days
  • You can wash your face from 3rd day
  • Avoid excess watching of television/ computer for 1 week
  • You can resume your regular duties 2 days after canthoplasty.

What are the types of canthoplsty ?

  • Lateral canthoplasty
  • Medial canthoplasty


What is medial canthoplasty ?
Medial canthoplasty/ Medial Epicanthoplasty are a corrective procedure performed to correct the ectropic eye lids/ entropic eyelid medial margins.

How is medial canthoplasty performed?
Under local anesthesia a small stab incision is made and the tissues undermined, medial tendon is tightened and upper and lower eyelid margins are tightened and pulled laterally so as to achieve a wider looking eye and also correct out ward drooping of medial eyelid margins.

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