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Eyebrow / Brow Lift Surgery in India

What is brow lift / Eye brow lift ?

Brow Lift / Eye brow lift is a Facial Cosmetic surgery done by cosmetic surgeon to correct the sagging eye brow. Brow lift surgery is also called as forehead lift or eye brow lift.

Brow lift surgery is performed under local anesthesia by making a small incision in the hair line just above the Ears,here in brow lift surgery underlying muscle of eyebrows are lifted upward and wrinkles around the eyelids and removed . Some times brow lift surgery is done along with Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) to give an more enhanced look.

As a person ages the shape and position of the eyebrow are altered,which makes person to look tired and sad appearance, Now a days even young men and women are effected by sagging eyebrows and wrinkles of the fore head. Brow lift /Fore head lift procedure helps in repositioning and giving proper shape to the eyebrows. Fore Head Lift Surgery also helps in removing fore head wrinkles.

Who are suitable for Brow lift/Fore head surgery ?

1. Both men and women of any age between 25-65 years can undergo cosmetic eye brow lift/Forehead Lift.
2. Sagging eyebrows /wrinkles around the eyebrows.
3. Forehead Wrinkles.
4. Individuals who look at enhancing their appearance.

Brow lift / Fore head Lift Results :

Wrinkles tend to develop on forehead and around the eyebrows as process of ageing,this can even happen to young people mainly due to stress and present life style. Brow lift or fore head lift results would last for 10years. Blepharoplasty(eye lid surgery) is some times done in combination with Brow lift/Fore head lift to give a youthful, pleasing and achieving good cosmetic results.

Results of Brow lifts /Fore head results are would entirely depend upon the facial cosmetic surgeon, facial cosmetic clinic what you choose to opt for, Brow lift / fore head surgery results will give you youthful and rejuvenated appearance .

Brow Lift Cost in India :

General Brow lift cost ranges from 4000-5000 $USD in US ,UK,Dubai and other European countries. Brow lift surgery in India would cost you between 1200-1600 $USD.

Temporal brow lift surgery cost is relatively cheaper compared to coronal brow lift surgery the reason being temporal brow lift surgery is done under local an aesthesia where coronal brow lift is done under general anaesthesia.

Brow Lift Before and After :

We believe in respecting our patient’s privacy hence there are limited images of Before and After Pictures during your consultation with our expert facial cosmetic surgeon will take you through presentation and show you more brow lift before and after pictures.

Brow lift case study :

This patient came to us with a history of drooping eyebrows and fore head wrinkles. He was earlier undergoing Botox treatment for his fore head wrinkles. He doesn’t want to undergo Botox injections any more as the results are temporary. We performed brow lift/ fore head lift by making very small incision behind his hairline and lifted his eyebrows and forehead superiorly.We advise forehead lift surgery for forehead wrinkles and eyebrow lift for drooping eyebrows. For individuals who desire to get a permanent fix and long lasting results.


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