Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in India

Under the guidance and leader ship of Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala (Facial Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgeon) who is the founder member and Director of the New You Cosmetic Clinic, one can achieve successful results. He has vast experience in surgical field especially in Rhinoplasty Surgery, Hair Transplants and Facial Aesthetic Surgery.

We at New You Cosmetic Clinic Believe that in present world, beauty plays a vital role in one’s life. It’s not the external beauty but one’s self esteem can be improved by Cosmetic /plastic surgery. When it comes to Cosmetic/plastic surgery, one should always look for a clinic which understands your needs and gives you the best care. Our clinic will ensure you to provide the World class, Highest Quality of care right from consultation to before the Plastic/Cosmetic surgery begins, during the surgery and as well as after your Cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure.

We are proud to say we are one of the few Day Care Cosmetic Clinics in Bangalore, India, where most of our cosmetic procedure are performed using local anesthesia and are done in few Hours of Time. Patients after finishing their cosmetic surgery do not have to get hospitalized and can go home on the same day. We carry a vast experience and have practiced cosmetic/plastic surgery globally. Our clinic is well equipped with state of art and modern world class standards to carry out latest cosmetic and plastic Surgeries.

Our Main Goal

Our Main Goal and primary goal is to Look you after well right from your Consultation to Post Cosmetic Surgery Care, we understand why you have come to Us and we promise you to provide you the best Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Results, You don’t have to think or worry about patient care and Treatment.

As per our survey and stats we get maximum no of cosmetic surgery seekers are from UK, USA, South Africa, UAE, Maldives, Singapore, Malayasia, Australia, Canada and Dubai. 95% of our cosmetic and plastic surgery patients are refered by our earlier patients who underwent plastic and cosmetic surgery at our cosmetic clinic in bangalore, india.

Our Team

We At Our New You Cosmetic Clinic do not have any sales or marketing person in our Clinic, Our Staff are highly professional Medical staff and they carry a lot of experience in handling and providing you the best cosmetic services.

Our Mission

Delivering Quality care and inspiring confidence in You, Provide you the best cosmetic and plastic surgery at affordable price without compromising at the quality of the treatment.


Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala

Craniofacial/Facial Plastic Surgeon
Medical Director Dr Pentyala’s New You Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Bangalore INDIA
  • Formerly Assistant Prof- KIDWAI Cancer Hospital Bangalore
  • Clinical fellow at N.H.S (National Health Services) UK.
  • Fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery, United Kingdom.
  • Fellowship in Hair Restoration surgery, Korea.
  • Fellowship in Rhinoplasty and Facial Cosmetic Surgery in South Korea.
  • Fellowship in Facial Bone contouring Surgery Seoul KOREA
International Guest speaker


  • Aesthetic surgery – 2012 & Beyond Nanjing, China – International Guest speaker.
  • BOAMS (BRITISH Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) 2014, Edinburgha, Scotland- International faculty & Master class tutor” Hair Transplant Surgery” “The Way I Do It”
  • 19th International Rhinoplasty Workshop, Asia Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Congress, 2nd International Face Symposium –Seoul 2015 “Facial Feminization Surgery in Transgender Women “. Invited International Speaker
  • 20th International Rhinoplasty Workshop & Ageing Face Symposium 2016 Seoul, South Korea -Guest Speaker “Asian Rhinoplasty My Experience”
  • 21 International Rhinoplasty Work shop Seoul 2018 as International Guest Speaker ” Nose Feminization IN transexual Women.
  • Masters Symposium on Facial Rejuvenation & Korean Cosmetic Medicine Seoul 2018 as Guest Speaker “Facial bone Contouring Techniques”
  • 22nd International Rhinoplasty Workshop , Seoul 2019 International Guest speaker “My Long Term Experience in Asian Rhinoplasty”.
  • Rhinoplasty Master Class Manila, Philippines 2019 as Guest Speaker ‘Nose Feminization in MTF FFS (Transwomen)
  • PPAIFI 8TH Annual International Convention QUEZON City, Philippines 2019 as Faculty & Speaker “Male To Female Facial Transformation in Transgender Women
  • Rhinoplasty Master Class – Makati, Philippines 2020 as reconstructive Surgery Seoul 2020 as a guest Speaker ” Facial Bone Contouring Surgery in MTF FFS individual
  • Cranio-Maxillofacial Aesthetic Surgery Master class Manila, Philippines September 2020.
  • Philipoines Academy of Cranio-Maillofacial Surgery & Philippines Society of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery-Live Webcast. International Speaker [Lower Jaw Contouring Techniques]

Dr Madhu Bhatia MDS,

Masters(Aesthetic Medicine) London, UK.
Dip(Clinical Dermatology) Wales, UK.
Fellowship in Facial Cosmetology ,Seoul ,South Korea.
C.E.O and Chief Aesthetic Physician Dr pentyalas clinic.

Dr Madhu Bhatia after pursuing her MDS in India headed to London where she done her Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine from prestigious Bart’s School of Medicine,London ,Uk and passed with Distinction.During her Master’s she done her Dissertation project on Meso Botox for Facial Rejuvenation. Later she completed her Diploma in Clinical Dermatology from Wales University ,Wales,Uk.Dr Bhatia is also an invited international guest speaker for cosmetic workshops in Philippines and South Korea.

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